Let the dancing commence!

With so many records passing through my hands, it’s often easy to overlook the music that is contained within the grooves. I try to offer a high standard of service, so nearly all of my second hand stock is cleaned on a record cleaning machine before it is dispatched, & on some occasions it is necessary to play check the vinyl before it is listed, to give an accurate visual & aural grade. So I’ve decided to do mini reviews of albums that I’ve either not listened to or would probably not listen to!

I confess to not being the biggest of folk fans, so maybe I can educate myself to see if I’ve unfairly judged this genre. Today’s album is “Morris On”, also a folk super group with John Kirkpatrick, Richard Thompson, Barry Dransfield, Ashley Hutchings, & Dave Mattacks. As you can probably guess from the title & image on the front cover we are in morris dancing music mode. The accordion features heavily on all the tracks, & I’ve never been a fan of said instrument, but actually it’s really good (& fuses well with the electric instruments). The “Cuckoo’s Nest” is the stand out track for me, with lyrics laced in innuendo, & a first time I’ve ever heard this expression for a ladies genitals!.

I can safely say this is a good album & not a bad foray into the folk world for me, haunting melodies sung by Shirley Hutchings on “The Willow Tree” & “Staines Morris”, & some tasteful and dexterous guitar work from Richard Thompson. Nice to see the iconic Raleigh Chopper featured in the front cover photo, setting this very much in the early 70’s, the perfect mode of transport to the electric morris dancing gig.

morris on


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