A 45 A Day (Day 6)

Day 6

Let’s go for some 70’s prog rock via France. Triangle were a French 4 piece band operating from 1967-74, & sound like a dirty funky version of Jethro Tull, which in my mind is a good thing, as I’ve got a lot of time for JT. The opening guitar riff is great, bolstered by the bass and sax overlay, all to a heavy cowbell backbeat. The B-Side “Blow Your Cool” is also worth checking out.

Triangle “Peut-Etre Demain


A 45 A Day (Day 5)

Day 5

I watched a program on Giogio Moroder last night, & it made me realize what a phenomenal talent he is, as well as a humble & funny fella. His disco outings are well documented, but his early bubblegum pop career seldom is mentioned, so I thought I would readdress the balance! “Stop” sounds very much like a number penned by Syd Barrett on some early Pink Floyd album, with strange keyboard lines & heavy phasing, the tripped out psychedelics make this a great acid track.

Giogio “Stop”

giogio stop


A 45 A Day (Day 4)

Day 3

Kinda messed up, as this technically is day 5, but I had to go on a road trip yesterday, so things got a bit messed up. Anyways, enough of this wittering on & lets get stuck into the music! This is the B-Side to “Maybe I’m Amazed” which is a lovely cover by Lena, but the B-Side “Feels So Good” unleashes Lena’s femme funk side, with buckets of soul & a tight ol’ brass section. Another one from the magic box that provided day 1 & 3’s offerings.

Lena Horne “Feels So Good”

lena horne feels so good

A 45 A Day (Day 3)

Day 3

The Clefs Of Lavender Hill “Stop Get A Ticket”, the Clefs were a short lived 4 piece combo from Miami, & this was their most successful single. This track is a fine example of 12 string infused garage beat, and strangely came out of the same box of singles as the “Arabian Funk” (see day 1!)

The Clefs Of Lavender Hill “Stop Get A Ticket”



A 45 A Day (Day 2)

Day 2
Blue Magic are a five piece Philly outfit formed in the early 70’s & a quick check on Wikipedia reveals that 3 groups featuring various members of the band still perform under that name!. “Look Me Up” has a great moody string intro & some fantastic falsetto vocals courtesy of Ted Mills. A cheap 45 that sounds a million dollars.

Blue Magic “Look Me Up”

 blue magic look me up

A 45 A Day (Day 1)

Instagram have been running a record a day for a few months, due to the constraints that they put on the criteria of each day, I found it difficult to find something everyday to post. So I’ve decided to do my own vinyl challenge, & I’m going to post up a 45 (7″ Single) everyday from my collection. I’m not sure weather to go in alphabetical order, but it just so happens that today’s platter is by Ray Anthony & is called the Arabian Funk.

I found this a few years ago in a charity shop, along with a really good bunch of other singles. It’s got a great hard sound to it, with an over blown sax line, juicy moogs & some concrete drums, niceness all round! This has appeared on a compilation called “Movements”.

Day 1 Ray Anthony “The Arabian Funk”

ray anthony arabian funk




Glam Slam Ephemera Man!

When dealing with music all day it becomes difficult to share things without boring the pants off my family & friends, so I’ve decided to take a different angle. As I travel around purchasing various items, I often stumble upon the odd gem that amuses me & makes me question the sanity of those people in the employment of the music industry.

I’ve decided to share these 2 press shots that frankly defy the gods of reason & fashion. Let’s kick off proceedings with Bodycheck. Well I can’t make up my mind if they are a band or a dance troupe, but either way what was going through their minds?, when they agreed to sport this winning fashion catastrophe?

bodycheck1 bodycheck2


After googling 1 Russell Gardens, Mark Pollard looks like he’s gone into the laundrette business, as I’m sure Bodychecks  outfits are dry clean only so there’s a saving to be made. Everything is wrong with this shoot, from the make-up on the Derek Griffiths look-a –like, to the cheap cut out New York skyline. I love the expression on the face of the fella in the middle on the black & white shot. I fear it’s the expression of his life flashing before him & like Arne having total recall of this unwise promotional incident. If anyone can actually find information out about them, please do share it, I’m sure Pharrell & Daft Punk would be all over this.

Onwards & upwards, moving into the murky underworld of Glam, Giggles seem to endorse a mash up look of Warriors battling a high camp Westside Story cast. So many aspects of this photo disturb me, that only a power point presentation could truly cover everything,  so I’ve decided to go for a short list:


1.Paul (far left), has two significant bulges in his Lee Cooper bell bottoms, like a mythical twin knobbed Priapus (the Greek rustic fertility god…with the massive slong). The hair!, it’s a hybrid ducks arse quiff come mullet, a qullet or a mulliff, but these two points aside, Paul rocks the glam image with relative ease.

2.Jeff (second left) has two fly zips on his trousers, leading me to believe he has borrowed these from Paul “Priapus” two knobs. I can’t think of anything worse than having two sets of flies, like penis roulette, & as the inspirational Sweet Brown said “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That”. The bubble mullet works well with the snakeskin boots, so a fair to middling glam look.

3.Mal (third left)…oh Mal, they played the classic “it’s a fancy dress party” trick on you. Mal has managed to create a heady blend of Jester meets pixie meets Robin Hood meets Rudolf Nureyev meets skinhead meets escaped grotto worker. Velvet shorts, tights, contrasting Airwair, I’m hoping Mal was the front man, I’d hate to think of his amazing outfit being lost behind a Premier 5 piece drum kit.

4.Des (far right) has opted for the classic cap sleeve mechanic boiler suit look, complete with a fresh set of puma pumps, he can sense that his outfit will work well in pretty much any genre (I think Des is actually a young John Bishop?!).

Giggles “Just Another Saturday Night” glamtastic.

Library Obsessive

My obsession with collecting library records is probably slightly unhealthy, but I’m beyond caring!. I’ve taken a few pictures of some of the LP’s I own to show the design aspect, as these mysterious beasts have some wonderful simplistic logos & fonts, as well as some amazing diverse compositions.

BBC Radioplay Music

The BBC produced these albums to avoid paying huge royalties, they usually have popular artists of the day on them & the tracks are second takes/out takes. The Sigs & Sessions are library LPs, where the artist LPs have silver covers with a generic BBC logo.


Southern Library

Formed in the early sixies by Dennis Berry.

Music De Wolfe

Bruton Music 

This label was formed in 1977 by Robin Phillips & it was named after Bruton Street in Mayfair, where ATV’s London offices were situated.  I believe that Bruton may also have a loose connection with the Regency Line label as a couple of their releases were later released by Bruton. This label has a great catalogue number system where the prefix defines the type of music on the album. Here are some of the genres/styles for the prefixes.

  1. BRB – Jingles
  2. BRF – Comedy
  3. BRG – Happy, Bright, Open Air, Sport
  4. BRH – Contemporary, Pop, Rock
  5. BRI – Futuristic, Electronic
  6. BRJ – Theme Sets, Documentary & Drama Suites
  7. BRK – Action, Pace, Danger, Force Of Elements
  8. BRL – Industry


Here’s a list of some of my favourite tracks from the series, at some point in the future I will put a mix together so you can check some of them out:

  1. Les Hurdle/Frank Ricotti  – Productivity (Advanced Technology BRL3)
  2. Francis Monkman – Tubular Tubes (Auturbine BRL1)
  3. Frank Ricotti – Supersamba (Blow Out BRH10)
  4. Paul Keogh – Uproar In Rio (Blow Out BRH10)
  5. Ron Aspery – Harlem (Blow Out BRH10)
  6. Steve Gray – Golden Groove (Blow Out BRH10)
  7. Steve Gray – Struttin’ (Blow Out BRH10)
  8. John Cameron – Suspicious 1 (Breakout  BRK7)
  9. John Cameron – Dymanite (Get Up & Go BRG18)
  10. Keith Mansfield  – Going Great (Good Times BRG4)
  11. John Cameron – Suspicious 3 (Breakout BRK7)
  12. Irving Martin & Brian Dee – Making The Action (Speed Fever BRK3)
  13. Irving Martin & Brian Dee – Indianapolis 2 (Speed Fever Bruton BRK3)
  14. David Snell – Stealth 1 (Interpol  BRJ22)
  15. David Snell – Pounding Chase (Interpol  BRJ22)
  16. Steve Gray – Success Story 2 (Score & Underscore BRJ23)
  17. Andrew Jackman – Cool Sweat (Rhythm Stick BRH8)


Super Cover Lover

It is so easy to get sucked into the artwork on an LP, a strong point of the media frenzy on the supposed increase in vinyl sales. As I’ve spent the last 35 years looking at a wide range of records, through purchasing as a kid to working in record shops & my later years in distribution, I’ve seen thousands of covers ranging from the sublime to god damn awful.

I’ve been guilty of blind purchasing vinyl purely on the sleeve or label name, & I still sometimes use this method as it’s still fun to listen to a stack of mystery purchases & get the occasional pleasant suprise.

I purchased these 3 albums at the weekend as I knew the contents would stink, but as they were 10p each, I wanted to show examples of great design, band photo & font.

1st up is the Raymonde Singers Etcetera “Feelin'” , this is standard 60’s easy listening fare, boasting the usual suspects for covers including “By The Time I Get To Phoenix”, “Love Is Blue” & “The Sound Of Silence”. The cover on the other hand looks amazing, a kaleidoscopic feast of 60’s ladies in mini dresses with blissed out expressions on their faces, portraying a scene of some acid induced happening.

Easy listening
Raymonde Singers Etcetera – Feelin’

2nd on the agenda is Los 5 Del Este “Y Sus Exitos”, the photo of the band on the front cover promises the world, matching shoes & suits, surely this should hit the 60’s garage freakbeat mark, snarling guitars & vocals, a fuzz fest of greatness…sadly not. The sole track that hits the target is “Nada Todavia” (We Ain’t Got) Nothing Yet (a Blues Magoos cover).

And in 3rd place is Jose Larralde “Hombre”, a 1967 folk album from Argentina, I loved Jose’s magnificent mustache & high waist trousers, but was strangely drawn to the font used for the title of the album, another case of great font in the wrong place!

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The Cross & The Switchblade Soundtrack

Ralph Carmichael The Cross And The Switchblade Soundtrack LP

As a lank haired snotty nose teenager in the 80’s RE (Religious Education) held very little interest to me, & any film screening in the classroom was an added bonus as you could often drift off & catch some extra sleep.

I remember “The Cross & The Switchblade” as unlike many of the other films that formed part of the curriculum it had some action & minor violence & years later I discovered the “Addicts Psalm” via the compilation “Blessed Blackness”

Whilst having a wee root around this morning, I turned up a copy of the soundtrack, which was composed by Ralph Carmichael. This album used to be sought after by beat heads for the “Addicts Psalm”, but having never heard the rest of this album, it would have been easy to pass this up, & that would have been a major mistake!

The film is based on a true story written by David Wilkerson, & the lead role of David is played by the smooth easy listening crooner Pat Boone. The UK issue of this album was released on the Word label, which was a Christian label that was formed in 1951 in Texas, & I’d be interested to know if there are any other gems on this label?.

Stand out tracks for me are “Rumble”, which has some cool Quincy Jones style motifs, & funky backing, & “I’ve Got The Confidence” with it’s heavy sunshine pop overtones.