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Selling your records to Plastic Dreams ensures you getting the best prices. We understand that parting with a beloved record collection can be hard, so make sure your getting the price for the worth of the collection. By telephoning or emailing us, we can discuss your collection and arrange a practical time to meet you.

Sell your vinyl at the best and fairest price!

Plastic Dreams promises you the best price for your collection. We buy with years of experience from working in music shops and distribution. We want to give a fair price for your vinyl or memorabilia, based on current value. We’re honest with our appraisal, but we also want to help the seller as much as possible and not capitalise on their lack of knowledge. We would never lowball a seller, and that is our promise to you.

If you want to sell your vinyl to us, we can pay by cash or cheque on the day!

We are always interested in your collection, and if we hear of great potential in your collection when you contact us via phone, we would be more than happy to travel around the country to collect your goods.

Plastic Dreams is based in Norwich, Norfolk, England.

If you think you vinyl collection may have some value, there’s no harm in calling us to check! We are happy to deal in most eras and genres, however, if you are unsure about your collection or music generally we’ll always be happy to discuss it on: 07765594258.

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